The Wild & Weedy Apothecary

Welcome to our home-based business, where we produce herbal tinctures, compounds, tonics, salves & balms, and other seasonal items including kitchen herbs, all crafted from nature’s bounty and our very own garden.

We use organic, sustainably grown and wildcrafted botanicals, plus organic alcohol and pure well-water to make the tinctures. For salves & balms, we use a variety of oils and butters, flowers and leaves, some of which are hardened with beeswax, while others are 100% plant-based. Each product is made with attention to detail, and we are dedicated to the plant spirits and their innate healing properties. We love herbs and wild plants, and we love our work!

The Wild & Weedy Apothecary is located outside the small mountain community of Clark Fork, Idaho, where horses and 4×4’s are common forms of transportation, and deer roam the streets freely because they can. This is our home, and where we focus most of our attention.

Please VISIT THE BLOG. The first three posts are our catalogues: single herb tinctures; compound and mushroom tinctures; and finally our selection of salves and balms – and MORE!

To place an order, write to us at – we will get back to you with availability and prices, including shipping to your location (US addresses only).



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The following single-herb tinctures are available through our Apothecary –

Artichoke     Ashwagandha     Astragalus     Avena     Boldo     Bupleurum     Burdock     Calendula     Cat’s Claw     Chamomile     Chinese Skullcap     Corydalis     Cryptolepis     Dandelion     Devil’s Claw     Devil’s Club     Eleuthero     Gingko           Gotu-kola     Gou-Teng     Hawthorn     Hops     Houttuynia     Japanese Knotweed     Kava-kava     Lemon Balm     Lomatiuim     Milk Thistle     Motherwort     Mullein leaf     Mullein Root     Nettle Root     Oregon Grape Root     Passionflower     Poplar Bud        Red Root-Ceanothus     Red Sage     Rhodiola     Sarsaparilla     Schisandra     Skullcap     St.John’s Wort     Teasel Root    Turmeric                  Valerian Root     White Willow Bark     Yellow Dock                                                   

We also carry the following Compound Tinctures:

Adaptogen Compound     Cellular Support Formula     Core Defense Formula     Dandy-Thistle Tincture     Hawthorn-Motherwort Tincture     Immune Support Formula     Mushroom Compound     Nerve Tonic Tincture

These are the Mushroom Tinctures we currently have in stock –

Chaga     Cordyceps     Lion’s Mane    Reishi     Turkey Tail

Salves & Balms 

Calendula Creme     Cal-Pop Salve     Chamomile Butter     Dead Nettle First Aid Balm   Grandma’s Magic Healing Salve     Poplar Bud Salve     RoseBerry Balm     Veterinary Salve




The Wild & Weedy Apothecary is in the business of making and selling herbal products. We focus primarily on local sales. You can contact us directly if you are out of area and we will do our best to accommodate you with what we have in stock; actual shipping costs will be calculated and arrangements for payment will be made at that time. All sales are final – no returns.

We do not diagnose, prescribe, advise, recommend or suggest a cure for any illness or condition. Responses may vary. Please consult an experienced herbalist or health care professional when in question.

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