Dandelion root freshly harvested

These photos do not show the maceration process – chopping and then “soaking” in an alcohol bath for 6 weeks – of making Dandelion Tincture, but this is what it takes to get it to that point. We go through each plant, leaf, flower and remove any wilting material, then take it to a giant cutting board and chop away. We love our work.

Dandelion plants getting a cold water bath

Dandelion is a slow-acting liver tonic. A digestive stimulant, nutritive, diuretic, normalizes cholesterol. Useful for gout and inflamed liver and bile duct, however not for use with bile duct obstruction or acute gall bladder inflammation.

Dandelion plants all clean from their bath

We are not a factory or warehouse. We make it the old fashioned way according to modern standards in terms of ratio and proportion for a reliable product. We love our work.



Dandelion tincture in the sunlight