We are aware that a few of our products are out of stock temporarily. Caught off guard in our inventory, a winter grieving the loss of our furbaby, then a small run of sorts on some of those herbals… sheesh…

have a cup of tea…

In addition, there have been price increases (some of them astronomical) from our suppliers on several herbs/roots as well as the bottles/tins/jars in which to contain them. We have tried to keep our prices as competitively low as possible and still break even, but there will also be some changes in that arena as well.

All that being said, and because of the COVID-19 pandemic, let us not allow fear to guide our decisions in what we do, but instead listen to science, reason AND intuition when choosing our activities, and when, and where. If you are middle-aged like us, you must keep your immune system charged up.

Astragalus, adaptogen and immune support

For that we like Astragalus – AKA “ass-drag-a-lus” LOL – for general all-around immune support, especially for those folks who catch other people’s colds easily (unfortunately, people w/ chronic Lyme disease cannot use this herb as it will work against them). Japanese Knotweed is also useful for modulating and enhancing immune function. If you actually get a cold or the flu (not talking coronavirus here) Houttuynia is useful as an anti-viral, -bacterial, -fungal, etc and is sometimes used for respiratory infections.

Japanese Knotweed

Please note that we are not doctors, nurses or clinicians, nor do we hold degrees of any kind. We have been working at our craft for a number of years and believe our suggestions to be sound as long as You follow up on your part of the equation, such as eating well including plenty of greens, getting enough rest, and going to the doctor if you are sick or if you have chest pain when breathing, shortness of breath, or a fever that won’t go away (for gosh sake, don’t take aspirin for fever, take a hot bath and cook it out of your system!).

Houttuynia, or “fishy-smelling herb”!

Also, Health is more than what we put into our bodies. It’s also how we conduct ourselves and what we feed our minds as well. We highly recommend several belly-laughs a day to keep your brain buoyant and your immunity strong, this is a proven tactic and should be taken seriously – seriously funny, that is!

don’t get too serious