Dear Friend of Wild & Weedy,


Thank you for your valued patronage of our herbal apothecary. It has been seven years since we first opened shop, and we wouldn’t be here at all if it weren’t for you.


The reason for this announcement is to tell you that we are revisioning the website business and making some major changes.


Specifically, we are now focusing our business attention locally. Our small community has been very supportive, and word of mouth has been very helpful. Also, we are ready to slow down and focus on personal creativity and… our new puppy!


Part of that change means we will no longer be doing commerce via the website.

Herbal tinctures and other products will be available only through direct inquiry. This information will be available on the website.


We will continue to publish blogposts (and provide direct contact information) and make salves & balms as well as the “other” products currently on our website, with the addition of kitchen herbs and other culinary creations, and we will occasionally set up at local craft fairs when possible.


These changes will take place around-about Thanksgiving – our website domain is ready to expire, and our manager is making the changes for us. We were hoping to make the break at New Year’s, but we must be financially responsible to ourselves, therefore the short notice.


Although we won’t have as large an inventory in the future as we do now, and while we will no longer be selling anything through the website, please get ahold of us if you need herbal tinctures or special-order compounds. Contact us directly via email. We will keep our current prices for now and will calculate actual shipping to your location (and sales tax if applicable). Our PayPal account will still be our method of payment unless other arrangements are made (such as invoicing for long-time customers, for example).


It has been an honor to serve you all this time by providing the best herbal products we could make. Thank you for the wonderful opportunity you have given us.


Peace & Blessings,

Doreen Shababy

Dave Veitch

November 8, 2022