We are proud and exited to add a new product to our line-up, Elderberry Elixir. All the ingredients are either wildcrafted or organic, and the honey used in the formula is raw. Does this elixir taste good? You bet!

Elderberry Elixir, bottled up and ready to go

These are the herbs, roots, fruits and spices we’ve put together for our own version of the ubiquitous Elderberry Elixir. Together, they equal a soothing yet potent restorative to use during a bout of colds or flu and for relieving non-serious respiratory ailments. Specially blended for their warming and opening properties, this combination can relieve inflammation and respiratory congestion, mucous-y coughs, and general run-down blah. This elixir keeps about 6 months refrigerated.

Dosage instructions: Use 1 teaspoon per 100lbs. body weight as needed for coughs, wheezing, sniffles and body aches, as needed. If you are concerned about the alcohol content and using this formula for children, simply put the Elixir in a small teacup,  pour over 4-6 ounces boiling water, let cool a little, then sip. The alcohol will, for all practical purposes, evaporate.

Local elderberries (lighter) and European elderberries (darker)

ElderberriesSambucus nigra, S. cerula – These tiny dried black and blue berries make a useful treatment for colds and flu, fever and respiratory congestion. Contain flavonoids that enhance immune function. Flavorful.

Rose Hips, the fruit of the rose

Rose hipsRosa spp. – are the fruit of the rose, and they are a flavorful astringent and contain a variety of antioxidants and vitamin A to boost the immune system.

Dried Osha Root, close-up

Osha rootLigusticum porteri – also known as Bear Root, this native American medicine is warming, drying, anti-viral, -bacterial, -fungal, and anti-inflammatory. Useful for relieving body aches, and a good expectorant for lung congestion. Supports the immune and respiratory system.

Dried Yerba Santa leaf

Yerba Santa leafEriodictyon californicum – sometimes called “holy weed”, this herb is a warming bronchodilator, and useful for influenza and upper respiratory conditions. This herb is an anti-bacterial, stimulating expectorant that thins mucous.

Fresh Burdock Root

Burdock rootArctium lappa – This fragrant earthy root encourages sweating and stimulates lymph flow, promoting the elimination of metabolic waste. Anti-inflammatory activity as well.

Echinacea rootEchinacea purpurea – is anti-viral and immune supporting, anti-inflammatory and analgesic. This herb is at its best in short-term remedies such as this.

Marshmallow rootAlthaea officinalis – This root is sweet and moistening, demulcent, expectorant, and soothing to mucous membranes of the respiratory tract.

Cinnamon – a familiar, warming, flavorsome ingredient is also a tonic and useful for nausea.

Cloves – are also flavorful and warming and helpful for nausea, as well as anesthetic and antiseptic.

Licorice rootGlycyrrhiza glabra – true licorice root lends flavor to the elixir, is soothing to inflamed mucous membranes of the throat and lungs, is expectorant, helpful for bronchitis and hoarseness, and helps remedy adrenal stress.

Other ingredients include pure well water and organic cane alcohol to 12% by volume.

The Simmering Brew

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