FRESH BATCH of our renowned Elderberry Elixir, decanted only minutes ago.

The following ingredients are slowly and gently decocted over a period of several days, then strained. After that we add honey to make a splendid syrup and alcohol as a preservative. A bottle of Elderberry Elixir has a 6-month shelf-life when refrigerated from when it was made; so today’s batch will keep until the end of January.

ElderberriesSambucus nigra, S. cerula – tiny dried black and blue berries, useful treatment for flu and colds, fever and respiratory congestion. Contain flavonoids that enhance immune function. Flavorful.

Rose hipsRosa spp. – the fruit of the rose is a flavorful astringent and contain a variety of antioxidants and vitamin A to boost the immune system.

Burdock rootArctium lappa – this fragrant root promotes sweating and stimulates lymph flow, promoting the elimination of metabolic waste. Anti-inflammatory.

Echinacea leaf & root – anti-viral and immune supporting, anti-inflammatory and analgesic, this herb is at its best in short-term remedies such as this.

Osha rootLigusticum porteri – also known as Bear Root, this native American medicine is warming, drying, anti-viral, -bacterial, -fungal, and anti-inflammatory. Useful for relieving body aches, a good expectorant for lung congestion. Supports the immune and respiratory system.

Marshmallow rootAlthaea officinalis – sweet and moistening, demulcent, expectorant, and soothing to mucous membranes of the respiratory tract.

Self HealPrunella vulgaris – This pretty little herb with purple flowers offers demulcent, anti-inflammatory properties.

Yerba Santa leafEriodictyon californicum – sometimes called “holy weed” this herb is a warming bronchodilator, useful for influenza and upper respiratory conditions. An anti-bacterial, stimulating expectorant that thins mucous.

Cinnamon – this warming, flavorsome ingredient is also a tonic and useful for nausea.

Cloves – are also flavorful and warming and helpful for nausea, as well as anesthetic and antiseptic.

Licorice rootGlycyrrhiza glabra – lends flavor, is soothing to inflamed mucous membranes of the throat and lungs, is expectorant, helpful for bronchitis and hoarseness, and helps remedy adrenal stress.