Three more single herb tinctures in our romp through the alphabet, this time the letter “H”.

Hawthorn – Hawthorn is a cardiac tonic for all types of heart conditions; it protects collagen fibers, and reduces cortisol. A study commissioned by the German Ministry of Health found that hawthorn improves contractions in the heart muscle while in turn dilating the heart. Useful with bartonella by offering blood vessel repair (especially when combined with Japanese Knotweed).…/hawthorne-berries-leafy…/

Ripe hawthorn berries


Hops – Sedative, anti-spasmodic, nervine, analgesic. Used for indigestion and colic, neuralgia, painful menstruation. Phyto-estrogenic, especially if used often.

Hops strobiles (flowers) on the vine


Houttuynia – (endearingly called “hot tuna” LOL) Anti-viral, -bacterial, -fungal, -microbial, -larval. Strongly active against Mycoplasma hominis and useful for respiratory infections, bronchitis, as well as HSVI & II. Has been used in China for sinus irrigation. Significant avian antibiotic.…/houttuynia-herb-houttuynia…/


Houttuynia, or “fishy-smelling herb”!