from the letters J, K and L
Japanese Knotweed – Synergistic, modulates and enhances immune function, anti-inflammatory, protects against endotoxin damage. CNS anti-oxidant, improves cognitive function. Source of resveratrol.…/japanese-knotweed-polygonum…/

Japanese Knotweed – Hu Zhang

Kava Root – With traditional and ritual use amongst native Pacific Islanders dating back at least three millennia, this sedative herb is also a mood elevator and anti-anxiety remedy. Useful for menopausal heart palpitations, tension headaches, fibromyalgia, insomnia, spasmodic muscle pain and inflammation. Can be used to calm ADHD. Not for long term use or while consuming alcohol, or during pregnancy.…/kava-kava-root-piper-methysticum/

Kava-kava plant with flowering spike

Lemon Balm – Nervine, mild sedative, anti-depressant, anti-spasmodic, anti-viral. Very useful for PMS. Makes a good wash for shingles and herpes when diluted, reduces healing time. Can also dilute and use for colicky babies (rub on their gums) and over-tired children.…/lemon-balm-flowering-tops-and…/

Lemon Balm in flower

Lomatium – Used for colds, flu and other viruses. Also useful for difficult to treat urinary tract and respiratory infections.

Lomatium plant