Lyme Disease & Liver Support

“Lyme disease is caused by a particular kind of bacterium – a spirochete,” of the genus Borrelia, and usually caused by a tick bite… but not always! Through painstaking analysis of hundreds of scientific papers and journals, through his own savvy and intuitive wisdom, herbalist Stephen H. Buhner has written two definitive (and no doubt evolving) volumes for people with Lyme disease (or its co-infections), HEALING LYME, and HEALING LYME DISEASE COINFECTIONS. These are the main go-to’s for most people wanting to take a non-pharmaceutical approach to treating their symptoms. These are the sources we have used in developing our line of Lyme disease protocol products.

a tick… a blood-suckin’ tick

Many of these herbs are anti-inflammatory in nature, some more specific than others. Many are adaptogenic, helping the body to adjust or adapt to stress both internal and external… in this case, those symptoms brought about by Lyme disease, such as arthritic inflammation, skin rashes, headache, muscle fatigue, brain fog, to name just a few. Many of these herbs are potent liver support, protecting, repairing and flushing as needed. Some of these herbs help the lymphatic system to get a move on, gently softening and toning. And then, some of the herbs are nourishing and nurturing to the brain and central nervous system. The descriptions that follow are brief but highlight the basic nature of each plant’s actions in treating chronic symptoms of Lyme disease.

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