That’s right, herbs that start with the letter “M” 🌿
Milk Thistle – Specific for inflammatory and degenerative liver (and spleen) conditions such as acute or chronic hepatitis. Restores liver function from other chemical toxins including amanita poisoning. Contains betaine (as in beets) helping relieve liver stagnation. Useful with bartonella infection.

Motherwort – Neuroprotective and anti-anxiety support, and is a CNS anti-inflammatory and cardiac tonic. Research shows that Motherwort extracts reduce high blood pressure, exert a mild sedative effect and is anti-spasmodic. This herb may calm overactive thyroid but is not known to depress normal thyroid function.

Flowering Motherwort plant

Mullein Leaf – Anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic. Used to relieve bronchitis, bronchial congestion, coughs, hoarseness.

Healthy Mullein plant, 1-year old

Mullein Root – Helps shrink swollen prostate and lymphatic swelling. Bladder tonifying, used for frequent urination to increase volume and decrease frequency.

Mullein Root, washed and ready for chopping

We carry all these herbs as tinctures here at The Wild & Weedy Apothecary.

We also carry Motherwort in combination with Hawthorn, and Milk Thistle combined with Dandelion (Dandy-Thistle).

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