Here are a few more single herb tinctures to share as we amble through the alphabet.
Dandelion – Slow-acting liver tonic. Digestive stimulant, nutritive, diuretic, normalizes cholesterol. Useful for gout and inflamed liver and bile duct, however not for use with bile duct obstruction or acute gall bladder inflammation.

Dandelion in bloom



Devil’s Claw – Anti-inflammatory, analgesic. Used for relief from arthritis, rheumatism, headache. Useful for moving out metabolic waste. Bitter tonic.


Devil’s Claw flowers


Devil’s Club – Adaptogen, immune-modulator. Similar to Eleuthero in helping the body adapt to stress and “burn-out”. Endurance tonic. Sometimes used for treating gout. Has been studied for use in normalizing blood glucose.


Devil’s Club, all of the plant is covered with spines!


Eleuthero – Also called Siberian Ginseng. Adaptogen, immune activator and modulator, adrenal tonic. Useful for chronic fatigue and SAD, with a cumulative effect. Be sure and check with your health care provider before use if you have high blood pressure.


Eleuthero plant, this was once known as “Siberian Ginseng”