We have been asked about the mushrooms we use in our tinctures. We do not harvest them ourselves, they are organically grown under strict environmental conditions.
This, from the grower’s website, tells you a little more about it:
The powders are made from finely ground medicinal mushroom mycelium and fruiting bodies. These bits of mycelium and fruiting body are cultivated in a sterile mycological laboratory – originating from vigorous strains of the noted medicinal species that have been meticulously selected by our mycologists. Through rigorous quality control, a standardized level of growth is achieved before the species are processed in to a bio-available form of medicine for consumption.”
We use three types of mushroom powder in our Cinnamon Hot Cocoa Mix with Mushroom: Lion’s Mane, Reishi and Turkey Tail. We also make alcohol tinctures out of these and several other mushrooms (including a compound tincture made from all of them together).

Yummy! cinnamon hot chocolate!

Tinctures have the benefit of convenience and preserving the product. You put the drops in water and do not have to swallow a pill. The Mushroom Compound Tincture tastes good in a cup of coffee. Another benefit of using tinctures is that they do not have to go through the digestive system before being absorbed into the system, they go directly to the bloodstream because of the alcohol (food for thought there). Even for children, a tincture can be made into a “tea” with boiling water, which will evaporate the alcohol.
We are proud of our selection of Mushroom tinctures. Please contact us for price & availability at wildnweedy@frontier.com.

Reishi mushroom

REISHIGanoderma lucidum. Called “Spirit Mushroom” or “Spirit Plant”, mushroom was used traditionally to promote health and longevity. Immune-modulating, anti-viral, anti-oxidant, analgesic, adaptogenic. Reduces excessive immune response, useful for auto-immune conditions such as lupus and RA.

Chaga “mushroom”

CHAGAInonotus obliquus. Immune stimulant, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, tonic. Supports a healthy digestive system, IBS and gastritis, and respiratory function. Indicated for psoriasis.

Lion’s Mane mushroom

LION’S MANEHericium erinaceus. It’s botanical name means “hedgehog” because of its appearance, this mushroom offers immune enhancing properties, stimulates neuron repair and renewal, and supports cognitive function and mental alertness.

Cordyceps mushroom

CORDYCEPSCordyceps sinensis. Also called Chinese Caterpillar Mushroom, this tonic is useful in cases of chronic fatigue, and is said to nourish yin, invigorate yang, and replenish depleted qi.

Blazei mushroom

Turkey Tail mushroom

TURKEY TAILTrametes versicolor. Over 400 clinical studies in Japan have identified several natural anti-cancer compounds in this fan-shaped fungus. Stimulates immune system weakness, supports healthy liver function, and enhances joint flexibility such as for arthritis.

Agarikon mushroom

Mesima mushroom

MEDICINAL MUSHROOM COMPOUND – a combination of Agarikon, Blazei, Chaga, Cordyceps, Lion’s Mane, Mesima, Reishi and Turkey Tail, this blend is especially useful as a tonic for cellular integrity and general immune function, setting all systems on go. Try some in your hot cocoa.