Three single herb tinctures, each starting with the letter “R”.
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Red Root (Ceanothus) – Support for the lymphatic system, and useful for bartonella symptoms (swollen lymph). Anti-inflammatory to liver and spleen as in babesia. This root is one part of our Cellular Support Formula, which also includes the Red Sage mentioned below, and Chaga.

Red Root Ceanothus plant

Red Sage (Dan Shen) – TCM hypotensive most frequently used for the treatment of cardiovascular disease, angina and ischemia, also for artherosclerosis. Antioxidant, kidney and liver protective. Red Sage is one of three ingredients of our Cellular Support Formula, which also includes Red Root Ceanothus (above) and Chaga.

Red Sage (Dan Shen)

Rhodiola – Adaptogen, immune tonic, specific for chronic fatigue. Neuro-protective and regenerative. Avoid night-time use. Rhodiola is one component of our Adaptogen Compound, which also contains Schisandra and Eleuthero. It’s also included in our Immune Support Formula, which also includes Cordyceps and Astragalus.