R-R-R-rrr 🐅
Three more single herb tinctures, this time starting with the letter “R”.
Red Root (Ceanothus) – Support for the lymphatic system, and useful for bartonella symptoms (swollen lymph). Anti-inflammatory to liver and spleen as in babesia.


Red Root (Ceanothus) – the leaves are shiny and fragrant

Red Sage (Dan Shen) – TCM hypotensive most frequently used for the treatment of cardiovascular disease, angina and ischemia, also for artherosclerosis. Antioxidant, kidney and liver protective. https://wildnweedy.com/…/red-sage-root-dan-shen-salvia…/


Red Sage, “Dan Shen”

Rhodiola – Adaptogen, immune tonic, specific for chronic fatigue. Neuro-protective and regenerative. Avoid night-time use. https://wildnweedy.com/product/rhodiola-root-r-rosea/


Rhodiola, also known as “roseroot” because of its aroma