There are a few items on our website that we are discontinuing:
* St. John’s Wort Salve, all sizes (salve only, not the tincture)

St. John’s Wort in flower


* The following salves & balms will be discontinued in the 4oz. size only –
Grandma’s Magic Healing Salve
Sweet Melissa
We can do special order for you if we have the oil in stock, so please contact us if you need the larger size.
Also, there will be price increases on many if not most items. We wish this wasn’t necessary, but it is.
Some herbs are costing upwards of $75-80 or more per pound, the mushroom powders are also skyrocketing in price lately, not to mention bottles, tins and other containers. Sheesh!
We do not wish to cause anyone financial hardship, please note there is usually a way to work out a deal for someone who really needs it.


assorted salves


Here is a link to the Contact page if you have any questions. The changes haven’t been made yet, so perhaps this is a good time to place an order before the prices go up!