Some of our Compound Tinctures, named according to the herbal ingredients (as per FB restrictions).
Schisandra, Rhodiola & Eleuthero Compound – in combination offer (adaptogenic) anti-stress, anti-fatigue and anti-depressant actions as well as enhance the immune system. It helps fortify the anti-oxidant capacity of mitochondria, the turbo-engine inside every cell in our body.

Rhodiola plant


Red Sage, Red Root & Chaga Compound – anti-inflammatory protection for the spleen and lymphatic system. Cellular support protects from and assists against “warrior cells” (ACE-2 molecules) which encourage the attachment of certain viruses including SARS. Prohibits inflammatory cytokines, stimulates correct immune response.

Chaga “mushroom”


Chinese Skullcap, Japanese Knotweed & Houttuynia Compound – Anti-inflammatory, enhances immune function, protects against endotoxin damage. A core defense anti-viral, helps block viral attachment to cellular tissue.

Japanese Knotweed