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Teasel Root – Liver and kidney tonic used especially in TCM, for swellings and inflammation of the lower back and knees, joints and ligaments. Helps reduce Herxheimer reaction to spirochete die-off.

Flowering Teasel head – we use the root for making tincture

Turmeric Root – Anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, hepato-protectant and restorative. Balances cholesterol, promotes bile. Very useful as a muscle anti-inflammatory, reducing pressure on pinched nerves for instance. Has shown in vivo activity as a carcinogenesis inhibitor.

Turmeric Root

Valerian Root – Reliable remedy for tension headaches, irritability, anxiety, PMS symptoms, insomnia. This herb, well known for the “dirty gym sox” aroma of the dried root, is nervine, sedative, muscle relaxing (especially when caused from tension), anti-spasmodic. A good remedy for colic and other intestinal as well as menstrual cramping.Continual use of Valeiran has been known to induce mental agitation.

Valerian plants – the root is STINKY!

White Willow Bark – Analgesic, anti-inflammatory. Use for headache, rheumatic pain, chronic pain. Do not use in conjunction with blood thinners.

White Willow – the inner bark is the medicinal part

Yellow Dock Root – Also called Curly Dock. Digestive support, encourages peristalsis. It is a bitter herb containing anthraquinone glycosides, which have a laxative effect. Stimulates bile and digestive enzymes.

mature Yellow Dock plant