We have had a busy summer and fall, and now that it’s heading into December, we look back to see what we have learned.

Probably the biggest lesson learned is to seize the day. To make each moment rich and generous, to take that walk, paddle that kayak, hunt those mushrooms, love that person. There is no going back, and all time is now. Therefore, we do our best to make our days productive, frugal, whimsical, lavish. All of the above.

In this way, we can produce for you the best herbal remedies we know how, with personal attention to each stage of production… from planting the seed, nurturing the plant, harvesting the root, to finding the best sources for the herbs we cannot grow, and intuiting what to offer as a finished product. We make several items that are not on the website, all you need to do to find out is ask.

As we head toward the even darker days of December, we already see the light at the end of that long tunnel, knowing that the seed catalogues cluttering the table will be read forward and backward, and that planting said seeds will happen before we know it… like around our birthdays in February!


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